• Forms either a high-set irreversible or low-set reversible gel.
  • Gel structure remains intact frozen, thawed, microwaved, retorted, pasteurized.
  • Improves quality, texture, mouthfeel.
  • Replaces fat.
  • Prevents water loss.
  • Adds viscosity.
  • Aids shape retention.

Unlike other gelling agents, Pureglucan forms a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gel by heating alone: it will form a high-set irreversible gel when heated to 80ºC or a low-set reversible gel at 55º-65ºC.

To improve quality, Pureglucan can be added directly to food systems in its powdered form. Pureglucan is most effective as a gelling agent when it is pre-dispersed in liquids for addition to formulations. This helps optimize gel formation in meat analogues, imitation seafood, tofu noodles, and vegetarian products combined with soy proteins and isolates.


Pureglucan makes meat and poultry products like ham and turkey breast juicier, more tender. It's ideal for frozen entrees like Salisbury steak, burgers (beef, poultry, vegetable), and fried chicken; increases yield by reducing shrinkage.

Pureglucan prevents moisture loss and oil absorption in breaded and batter-coated meat and seafood products.

Pureglucan replaces fat while improving mouthfeel, texture, and appearance in frozen and cultured dairy products, and makes low-fat yogurts creamier

Pureglucan, used with egg whites, improves texture and shape retention in noodles, especially in canned soups and macaroni products. Its gel will form tofu noodles that retain their shape when boiled or sauteed.

Pureglucan improves texture of imitation and reduced-fat cheeses.

Pureglucan imparts creamy mouthfeel to salad dressings, adds viscosity to non-fat varieties.

Pureglucan consists of 90% dietary fiber and is nutritionally inert, making it an excellent bulking agent for low- and non-fat foods.

Regulatory Status

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of PUREGLUCAN as a formulation aid, processing aid, stabilizer and thickener or texturizer in foods under 21 CFR §172.809. It has been approved by the USDA for use in meat products. Pureglucan is certified both Kosher and Halal.


The FDA accepts curdlan as the common or usual name of the additive. Curdlan (Pureglucan) is produced by fermentation and is considered a natural product.